Health Canada Approved, kills 99.9% of bacteria.

Health Canada Approved Sanitizers NPN #80100507

We’ve partnered with Refresh It spray to provide Dental Professional’s access to a unique, fast acting, lightly scented refreshing hand sanitizer.  This spray is Health Canada approved and a uniquely Canadian product local to the beautiful Muskoka region.  We are able to provide reduced pricing to our Dental clients through our special relationship with Refresh It Spray.  Many offices are buying these to put in patient care packages, Invisalign or braces starter packages or simply giving them to patients and staff for added protection.


Fast Acting and safe for Kids!

Many parents have reported that sticky, ethynol based spray residue stays on childrens hands too long and some children accidentally rub their eyes risking irritation.  Because our spray’s active sanitizing ingredient is 70% isopropyl it evaporates quickly, leaving behind no residue and keeping your kids safe!



 As a QCREATIVE client, we are discounting boxes of this product from the regular price of 143.76 CDN to 129.60 CDN.  This special offer is available only for active Qcreative clients and is being exclusively sold to medical / dental professionals.  Please note, taxes and shipping are extra.  Estimate $10.00 delivery per box as per recent Canada Post pricing options.   Invoices will be sent at time of ordering once your order is packaged and ready to ship direct and you will be invoiced as per our regular billing practices.